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AirPinCast(DLNA/UPnP Sender, AirPin Android Sender) can help you to stream media in your Phone/Tablet, NAS(Samba Server), DLNA/UPnP Media Servers to any DLNA/UPnP renderer.NOTE: If the App doesn't work perfectly with your device, please contact us to improve( Your encouragement will help us move further. Thanks in advance.It can stream media from: Android devices, NAS(Samba Server on Windows or MacBook), DLNA/UPnP Media Servers(Twonky Media, Serviio...) to: DLNA/UPnP renderer(AirPin LITE/PRO, Xbox 360, DLNA Enabled TVs/boxes...).Features:★Multi-language support: English and Chinese★Image rotation is supported★Loopback play mode is supported★SubRip Text subtitle is supported while video streaming if you use AirPlay/DLNA Receiver (PRO) as renderer★Support Android 2.1 or greaterScreen mirror is for test:1.For screen mirror in 'Setting', it can only work with AirPlay/DLNA Receiver (PRO) installed on Android TVs or boxes;2.Your phone or tablet should be rooted;3.The performance of mirroring may vary on different Android devices due to the hardware performance and the compatibility of display service in the firmware. You can also request a refund for AirPlay/DLNA Receiver (PRO) if the mirror performance on your phone or tablet is not satisfying.------------------------------------------------------------Search keywords: AirPinCast DLNA UPnP Controller Stream Share AirPin Sender 媒体推送 媒体共享 媒体分享
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