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A dreadful menace threatens the Mushroom kingdom. An unknown enemy has come between the mushroom folk and once peaceful neighbors have begun to fight one another. Lead an army of mushroom warriors and mediate peace in the forest! Mushroom Wars is a dynamic real-time strategy. Defeat enemy tribes or capture key strategic locations! Increase the size of your army, complete the construction of your villages, improve your weapons, capture smith shops or hold defensive towers – it's up to you to choose your way to victory! Complete a fascinating Campaign or challenge online! => A campaign containing 32 maps with increasing difficulty levels => Simple controls and exciting gameplay => Many challenges for hardcore gamers => Varying mission types: capture, king of the hill etc. => Three variants of controls for more effective play => Supports left-handed gamers 一个可怕的威胁,威胁到蘑菇王国。一个未知的敌人已经来到了蘑菇民间之间,一旦和平的邻国已经开始自己打自己。导致蘑菇战士的军队和调解和平森林! 蘑菇战争是一个动态的即时战略。打败敌人的部落或捕捉重要的战略位置!增加你的军队的规模,完成村庄建设,改
更新时间: 2015-05-15
当前版本: 1.14.5
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