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Supercar Shooter is an Fast Paced 3D Car Racing game with powerful supercars that race to a top speed of 480 Km/h and blow up opponents with addictive explosions using Death Race weapons. Check the Game's Video for extreme action. WEAPONS POWER UPS: • Homing Missiles • Rockets • Machine Guns • Laser Mines • Energy Shield • Nitro Boosts GAME FEATURES: • Enjoy Cross Platform Synchronous Multiplayer racing with friends • 8 Race Courses, 3 Race Types, 9 Beautiful Supercars and 7 Championships to provide hours of entertainment • Blow up and slow down opponents with cool explosions • Attractive and Powerful Supercars with Top Speed of 480 KM/H • Supercar racing in Death Race / Kart Race Style REQUIREMENTS: Minimum 1 GHz Processor, 512 MB RAM (with 200 MB Free) and Support for OpenGL ES 2.0. FREE GAME FEATURES: • All 8 race courses are free, you have to play Career to Unlock all cars • For racing all cars check "Supercar Shooter Pro" at the bottom of this page. ABOUT AUTHOR: The auth
更新时间: 2015-03-17
当前版本: 2.100
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