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This is an awesome PDF viewer. Want to read PDFs? That's what it does! Want to browse and search PDFs you have? We got it covered! Downloading large PDFs from the internet? Read them without downloading the entire thing! This is a fork of ebookdroid with a bunch of stuff removed. I also feel that the name PDF Viewer will help it to be used by more people instead of Adobe Acrobat. This app is free and open source. Here is the source: https://github.com/ieee8023/PDFViewer 这是一个真棒PDF阅读器。 要阅读PDF文件?这就是它! 想浏览和搜索PDF文件,你有吗?我们得到了它涵盖! 下载大PDF文件从互联网?阅读他们无需下载整个事情! 这是ebookdroid与一堆东西去掉一个叉。我也觉得这个名字PDF浏览器将帮助它要使用更多的人,而不是使用Adobe Acrobat。这个应用程序是免费的,开源的。 这里是源:https://github.com/ieee8023/PDFViewer
更新时间: 2019-09-19
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