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With Deezer, music is FREE on your mobile, tablet and computer. Millions of tracks are waiting. Your favourite artists too. Listen without limits. Combining expert knowledge from the Deezer Editors with our smart algorithms for PERSONALISED RECOMMENDATIONS, which means non-stop you music you'll love. Deezer in FREE mode: - Listen to FLOW and discover new favourites - Enjoy all your MIXES, no limits - PLAYLISTS based on your taste - Search for an artist and launch their mix - Create as many playlists as you like - Get the lyrics to your favorite songs. Yep, you heard right. It's all for FREE! --- 15 days Premium+ FREE TRIAL --- By downloading the Deezer app, you get 15 days of Premium+ free of charge. - No ads - Enhanced audio quality (320 kbps) - Sync your tracks to listen offline - Skip as many radio tracks as you like. - NEW: Deezer is available on Android Auto! Access Flow, your playlists and albums straight from your car’s dashboard. Subscribe to Premium+ to enjoy these add
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