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Want to translate IP Widget into your language? Contact me:dieter.thiess@gmail.comSimple IP Widget showing the mobile carrier name and ip or the wireless lan SSID and wireless lan ip address. Features: - No Ads - Select which information to display - Configure background, text size, text color and text opacity - Battery saving: No polling of ip information. The widget gets informed via the system when something changes. - Show local ip address of device (mobile, wifi, bluetooth, USB, ethernet) - Show external ip address (optional) - Show reverse hostname (optional) - Show wifi speed - Show wifi channel and frequency - Show type of mobile connecton (GPRS, EDGE, UMTS, HSPA...) - Display informations about connection in notification area(optional) - Action configurable when tapping the widgets/notification (open wifi settings, toggle wifi [on/off], open IP Widget settings, refresh widget content manualy) - Supports connections via Bluetooth tethering, USB tethering (eg. HTC Sync) - Logging events to ipwidget.log on your SD card, optionally, with customizable output - Lockscreen Widget support for Android 4.2+ - Offline notification (beta) - Wifi tethering on/off (beta) - Enable/disable flight mode (not available on Android 4.2+) - Set alias for BSSID - Saves external ip address for each BSSID alias (as Dynamic DNS replacement) - Show Geo-IP city country - IPv6 support - Available languages: -- english -- german -- spanish (by Fernando) -- italian (by Stefano Meroni) -- russian (by Oleg Barbos) -- turkish (by Canan Özen) -- polish (by Romuald Jackowski, Adam Starszak) -- svenska (by Göran Helsingborg https://goo.gl/3YqA1p) -- traditional chinese, simplified chinese (by Denny Su) -- persian (by Mohsen Mirhoseini) -
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