Lily Story
Lily Story
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◆ Features 1. Lily Story is a dress up game where you can decorate the character and the background. 2. You can create a boy and/or a girl character and you can play with just one or with 2 characters. 3. You can place clothing and item however you like with a support from drag and drop user interface. You can also delete using the same method. ( Not all items support the drag and drop feature. Please refer to the tutorial. ) 4. Some clothing and item comes with a cool animation. 5. Create your own story using items, speech bubbles, and texts. 6. Share your created character with friends. ※ The game saves the data on the device. If the game is uninstalled, the data gets deleted as well. ※ All items purchased in-app will be recovered when the game is reinstalled. ※ Please see below for help with installation issue or items not appearing after making payment. 1) Device Setting → Application → Google Play Store → Delete Data and Cache 2) If the issue persists, u
更新时间: 2019-05-21
当前版本: 1.2.5
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