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Ola cabs app offers City Taxi rides on a point to point basis across several cities in India. We are changing the way you move around in your city with a range of cab options to choose from - Sedan, Mini, Prime and Shuttle! How the Ola Cabs app works is really simple: 1. Set your pickup location (Eg: from Airport, Railway station, Office, Home or your current location) 2. Pick the cab you want and see all available cabs close by 3. Tap "Ride now" to book your ride 4. Get instant confirmation with driver details 5. See your ride en-route on the map 6. Pay only after completion of your ride or use "Ola Money" to ride cash-free! You want to schedule a pickup for sometime later to catch a flight or train? Just use "Ride later" and plan ahead. You can also invite friends to use our awesome service and earn free Ola Money. Ola drivers are professionally trained and the cabs have gone through stringent quality checks. 奥拉出租车的应用程序提供市出租车骑在一个点在几个城市在印度指向基础。我们正在改变你在你的城市,一系列的驾驶室选择走动可供选择的方式 - 轿车,小型,总理和班车! 如何奥拉出租车应用程序的工作原理非常简单: 1.将你的头的位置(例如:从机场,火车站,办公室,家庭或您的当前位置) 2.选择您想要的驾驶室,看到所有可用的出租车附近 3.点击“现在乘坐”预定你的旅程 4.得到即时确认与驱动程序详细信息 5.请参阅您乘坐途中在地图上 只有你的车程或完成后6付费使用“奥拉钱”骑现金免费的! 你要安排取了一段时间以后赶飞机或火车?只要使用“后乘坐”,并计划未来。你也可以邀请朋友使用我们的真棒服务,赚取免费奥拉钱。 奥拉司机都是经过专业培训和出租车都经过严格的质量检查去了。
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