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Currently, the security concern regarding viruses is growing nationwide. Under these circumstances, there were situations where many mobile apps, including Gmail, Amazon, and Jihachul subway app, were recognized as malwares by a virus vaccine app called Avast!. This has occurred due to the overly applied virus scans conducted by Avast!. After receiving a lot of complaining from many users, Avast! has fixed the problem. Since then, there have been no problems occurring on the virus examination of the Jihachul subway app. Thus, you can use our Jihachul subway app without worrying about a virus threat. Thank you for your understanding. ========================================= Visiting Korea? Long time resident going to an unfamiliar part of city? With this FREE app, you can go anywhere using the subway system in Korea. Subway(Jihachul), the best subway maps in Korea for Android and iPhone/iPad application, provides you the subway information such as timetable, transfer information, area guide and so on. • Provides the latest subway map of Seoul, Busan, Daegu, Daejeon, Gwangju • Multi-language support: English, Korean, Japanese • Provides timetable, transfer info, station and area guide • Helps to find nearby stations from my current location
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