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Super Cat World 2 (known as "Syobon Action" or "Neko Mario") is a Jump 'n' Run Game parody of old platformer games. The traps are different from what you would expect from a jump and run game. Skill and a bit of imagination are needed and nerves of steel because it can be frustrating at times (which makes the game so addicting). The challenge is to beat the game by loosing as few lives as possible. This game is the spiritual successor to the original Super Cat World . The current application includes the original 4 levels of the unofficial sequel to Syobon Action with plenty differences (new traps), so if you played the sequel don't be "shy" and play it again because it will certainly surprise you. The original freeware version of Syobon Action was developed by ちく (Chiku) (http://www.geocities.jp/z_gundam_tanosii/home/Main.html). 超级猫世界2(被称为“Syobon行动”或“猫马里奥”)是一个跳跃的一些成熟的老游戏'N'运行游戏模仿。陷阱是从你会期望从一个跳跃和运行游戏有什么不同。技巧和一点想象力都需要和钢铁般的意志,因为它可以在次令人沮丧的(这使得游戏等成瘾)。 我们面临的挑战是失去尽可能少的生活尽可能地打游戏。 本场比赛是精神的继承原来的超级猫的世界。目前的应用包括原来4个级别的非官方续集Syobon动作用大量的差异(新陷阱),所以如果你玩过续集不会是“害羞”,并再次发挥它,因为它一定会令你大吃一惊。 Syobon行动的原始免费版本是由ちく(七股)开发(http://www.geocities.jp/z_gundam_tanosii/home/Main.html)。
更新时间: 2015-09-30
当前版本: 1.2
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