怪兽之塔 直装版
怪兽之塔 直装版
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No In-App Purchases in this game, you get all the features! Humans are attacking your castle, but you will defend it! Summon your beasts and defeat them! Want to play a real tower defense game? Try something different, try Beast Towers! "Something a little different, something new, something interesting… something French." - Larryplays.blogspot.com Beast Towers highlights: • Experience true defense battles in 3D! • Unlock new beast towers and evolve them! • 40 different towers and build your defense! • Over 15 abilities, summon the Cursed cloud! • More than 60 different enemies, fear them, destroy them! • Defeat a boss, and he will join you! • Hours of gameplay • Two game modes, dive into action with the Tsunami mode! • High quality animated characters 没有在应用程序内购买在这场比赛中,你得到的所有功能! 人类正在攻击你的城堡,但你会保护它!召唤兽的,并击败他们! 要发挥真正的塔防游戏?尝试不同的东西,尝试野兽塔! “东西有点不同的,新的东西,一些有趣的事情......法国人的东西。” - Larryplays.blogspot.com 兽塔亮点: •体验真正的防御战斗在3D! •解锁新的野兽塔和发展他们! •40种不同的塔和建立自己的防御! •超过15的能力,召唤被诅咒
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当前版本: 1.2
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